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Parents must provide 50 hours of practice driving(Bakersfield Drivers Training), at least 10 of which must be at night. The lesson plan you'll need to follow is in a booklet called The Parent-Teen Training Aid, which you'll get when you go to DMV for the written test. Or, we'll provide one.
Practice driving time may be uncomfortable for the parents. Often, parents ask us to do the 6 hours of professional instruction before they get in the car with their teen. In our experience, things work best when the teen does practice driving with the parent in between the three 2-hour sessions (Bakersfield Drivers Training) with us.
In many European countries, a standard has been set for the amount of professional instruction needed to make a safe, competent driver. Under that standard, a new driver requires 1 hour of instruction for each year of age. A 16-year old would require 16 hours of professional instruction. California requires only 6 hours.


We do our best to make your 6 hours behind the wheel (Bakersfield Drivers Training) with us fun and educational.
We provide a highly-trained instructor, and an insured, late-model dual control vehicle. We don't just sit you in a car for 6 hours. We pack that time with as many driving skills and techniques as we can.


· The basics of moving and controlling a car.
· 25 skills required to drive and stay safe.
· Judgement skills required to stay away from trouble on the road.
· New DMV drive test, the Driver Performance Evaluation.

There are additional topics we review for students who did not come through our Driver Education classes.
We pick up and drop off without charge, but reserve the right to add a service fee for outlying areas, such as Earlimart, or to arrange for a pick-up point convenient to both student and instructor.
We offer additional instruction time for the teen and other assistance for parents too.

The State of California and the Department of Motor Vehicles require that anyone under the age of 18 who would like to obtain a driver's license be required to take a special training course(Bakersfield Drivers Training). This course is called Driver's Education. It is given in two parts. The first part is the classroom portion, which is a required 30-hour class. The second part is behind-the-wheel training(Bakersfield Drivers Training), which includes six hours of instruction with a professional driving instructor given in two-hour increments.
This specialized course can only be offered by DMV licensed driving schools or secondary schools that have a qualified curriculum and certified teachers.